Dealing With Tolerations to Reduce Stress

upset-robot-300pxA “toleration” is a nagging issue, perhaps seemingly minor, that has been left hanging for a while…but which, even though it seems small, adds to your overall sense of stress and overwhelm. Example tolerations include: a leaky faucet, a cluttered desk, or a disorganized closet.

Technology devices are breeding grounds for tolerations: Perhaps your computer has some malware on it, or your phone battery is draining too quickly.

Fixing tolerations can take a back seat to more “urgent” items, but it’s a good idea to take some time out regularly to deal with tolerations. Write a list of your tolerations, along with any additional support you might need to fix the problem (such as getting some help with the computer).

Setting aside some time to regularly deal with tolerations will help keep them from building up and also reduce your overall stress level.

Which reminds me…I need to clear the clutter off my desk!