Ayurveda is a powerful healing system that has been in existence for thousands of years. It is possibly the oldest medical system still in use in modern times, and it influenced the development of TCM, ancient Greek medicine, and Arabic medical traditions. Part of what makes Ayurveda so powerful is that it is personalized and doesn’t provide “one size fits all” answers. You can use Ayurveda on many levels, from simple lifestyle changes to herbal remedies to cleansing processes.

As an Ayurvedic Practitioner, I will help develop a wellness plan for you that will include lifestyle adjustments, wellness practices, and herbal recommendations.

While you can receive individual “one off” Ayurvedic consultations from me, I highly recommend combining Ayurveda with my monthly wellness coaching, to get the support you need as you make lifestyle adjustments. 

Initial Consultation/Intake: $150
Follow ups – single session (approx. 30 minutes-1 hour): $85
Sliding scale available for the unemployed, chronically ill and others in need. No-one is turned away due to lack of funds.

Discounts for paying upfront (not including initial consultation/intake):
4 sessions ($80/hr): $320
6 sessions ($75/hr): $450
8 sessions ($70/hr): $560

Please contact me for more information or to sign up.