Life Coaching

prismatic-happy-family-word-cloud-3-no-background-300pxKenosis Wellness Life Coaching is designed to support the nurturing and development of servant leaders. These are people who are focused on using their kindness, talents, and efforts to give the best of themselves to others, whether it is in a big way or a “small” way. (Note: There really aren’t “small” ways.)

Coaching for servant leadership must first include promoting personal wellness and resilience. This is the foundation from which true leadership can blossom.

I offer general life coaching as well as specific life coaching in the following areas:

Wellness Coaching
Wellness coaching focuses on general health, well-being, spiritual connection, and resilience. Tailored individually to the client, holistic wellness practices can be incorporated into the program. Wellness coaching can be combined with Ayurvedic consultations as well.

Life Purpose Coaching
Life purpose coaching can help a client determine and clarify their life purpose, as well as set plans and goals to achieve their life purpose as servant leaders.

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