Life Purpose: What’s It All About?

womansittinginnature-300pxNo offense to atheists, but I’m glad I believe there’s more to this world than a random accident of matter and energy coalescing to form the miracle that is the universe. Don’t get me wrong – I still have no idea how a perfect God could just exist out of nowhere – it makes no sense – but I can concede that my human brain is perhaps too limited to understand what the truth really is.

Perhaps it might seem to be a cop-out to an atheist, but in my search for “life purpose” I always end up coming back to God. For the atheist, “life purpose” is something you make up for yourself. This isn’t to say that a “made up” life purpose won’t be exciting or inspiring, but ultimately it is not much different from engaging in a role playing game where you get to choose your character and go on your adventure knowing it will end at some point.

A life purpose grounded in God can be something bigger, something that transcends just your life and our limited lifespans. God has a plan and a purpose – we can play a role in that plan. We can contribute to that greater purpose. With God, we “discover” our life purpose instead of making it up.

The inevitable questions may come up: Why did God put me here? Why does God allow evil in the world? Part of discovering your God-given life purpose is to surrender and have some faith that God knows more than you do. This is not about throwing all reason and logic out the window, but having some humility.

It continually amazes me how many misguided teachings are out there that try to encourage people to think they are God, or on the same level as God. I’ve even run across those who think they are better than God! I have to look at this very practically – until I’m able to decipher the secrets of the universe and create galaxies with just a thought, I’m not God, or anywhere close to God.

This isn’t about diminishing oneself. What could be more precious than a child of God?
As a child of God, you have a place and purpose in this vast universe. You can start to uncover this purpose through regular prayer and meditation.