Getting Through the Hard Times

sad woman

I know from much terrible personal experience what it’s like to go through a dark period in life. During these times, it can be difficult to find happiness or peace. This is especially true when our bodies seem to be betraying us through chronic illness and disease.

During my worst moments, when I’m feeling like the world is actually an upper level of hell, I often remind myself that the pain and discomfort is temporary.  This sort of “grit your teeth and get through it” approach works to a certain extent – though it’s not always fun.

I try to connect with the spiritual during these times. Sometimes, it’s easier than other times. There have been quite a few moments when I’ve been yelling at God, asking “Why?! Why do people have to suffer so much?”

I don’t fully have an answer to this. However, when I remember that all pain is temporary, and that it really won’t mean much in the span of eternity, somehow it seems more bearable.

I do believe that suffering has some sort of purpose, though I’m not entirely sure what yet. I’ll write about that in a future blog post most likely.

In the meantime, during my better moments, when I can connect with that “peace that passes all understanding,” I feel comforted in knowing that there is something more and better out there.

Keeping the faith can be challenging, but it’s worth it.