Wellness Services

nature-flower-blue-motif-300px Wellness services are available in-person in Austin, Texas, or online via telephone, Skype or web conference. All wellness services can be included in coaching packages as mix and match.

Yoga Therapy & Medical Qigong
A yoga therapist is someone who uses the tools of yoga to improve overall health and well-being. As someone who is trained both in yoga therapy and medical qigong (the yoga of China), I provide practical and spiritual tools for health and well-being.

Christian Yoga Therapy & Wellness Coaching
For Christians who are concerned about Hindu mantras and other spiritual aspects of the yogic tradition, I offer a Christian alternative that uses the physical practices of yoga (breath and asana) with Christian prayer and meditation.

Single session (approx. 1 hour): $85
Sliding scale available for the unemployed, chronically ill and others in need.

Discounts for paying upfront:
4 sessions ($80/hr): $320
6 sessions ($75/hr): $450
8 sessions ($70/hr): $560

Please contact me for more information or to sign up.