Free Webinar: Ayurvedic and Holistic Approaches to Coronavirus

In this class, we will look at coronavirus (COVID-19) from an Ayurvedic perspective. What doshas may be involved? Is there a way to help prevent or mitigate coronavirus? Can herbs help? (Please note: If you have any symptoms of coronavirus, you should contact your doctor or local health department right away.) When: Friday April 3 at 03:00 pm EDT Where: Learn It Live – click here to sign up! If you can’t make the webinar live, sign up anyway and you can watch the recording. Remember: None of the information in this course should be construed as medical advice. Please consult your doctor if you have symptoms of coronavirus.

Coronavirus Growth Numbers: Be Prepared

Coronavirus numbers: Over the weekend, I took the number of “community cases” in the US (22 on 2-29-20) and calculated the virus spread based on it doubling every 3 days. Mind you, we have more cases than what are being tracked.   By March 30, we would have 22,528 cases in the US. At a 1% case fatality rate, that would mean 225 dead.   By April 30, if the virus continued to spread, we would have 23,068,672 infected in the US with 230,686 deaths at 1% CSF.   This is the power of exponential growth. And mind you, my numbers are already behind – I had calculated 88 confirmed cases for March 6. We are at 159 confirmed as of today. Some estimates put the death rate at over 3%.   So these are conservative numbers, and why the media is freaking out so much about this, and why the government is basically lying to us and trying to keep everyone calm.   There’s not much we can do – the US will never stand for the type of draconian quarantine measures done in China or even Italy – no matter who was president people would freak out about a dictatorship.   Try to keep yourself healthy, be kinder to people, drop the grudges you have against friends and others, call up your grandma, and take vitamin C and D.   Just be mentally prepared. Hopefully it won’t be that bad.

Holistic Approaches to Benign Fasciculation Syndrome (BFS) – aka “Twitching”

Do you have a random twitch or two that won’t stop or moves around? You may have “Benign Fasciculation Syndrome” (BFS) or its sibling, “Benign Cramp Fasciculation Syndrome” (BCFS). BFS is not fatal – thus, the term “benign,” but it can be disruptive and distressing. It varies in symptomology, duration, and intensity. For some, it might just manifest as a slight twitch in the thumb. For others (such as myself), it can involve full body tremors and internal shaking. Benign Cramp Fasciculation Syndrome can also involve muscle cramping.

5 Simple Ways to Reduce Stress

Modern technology makes our lives easier in many ways, and yet paradoxically has added to our stress like nothing ever before it. While we may not be running from hungry tigers in our daily lives, we are bombarded with news, texts, emails, and “urgent” things that needed to be taken care of “yesterday.”

All of this stress adds up, so we need to consciously work on alleviating it to improve our health and well-being.

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True Lack

Our Western world is very oriented towards external, material success, but what is true “wealth”? It’s not money, or fame, or influence.

Robin Williams, one of the most beloved comedic actors of all time, sadly took his own life out of fear of Parkinson’s Disease. In contrast, Michael J. Fox, suffering from a more advanced version of the same disease, chose to spend his energies helping others by raising both awareness and money. Robin Williams probably had more going on that spurred the suicide than just the physical disease. Was he depressed? Had he been depressed long before the physical illness set in?

No matter how much money you have, it doesn’t make up for a lack of emotional resilience and faith. And no matter how little money you have, you can have an abundance of emotional resilience and faith.

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Acupressure for Hiccups

When I was a kid, if I had hiccups I’d take a spoonful of sugar and chase it down with a full glass of water. It works! But the sugar hiccup cure is not that convenient unless you happen to keep sugar on hand (I don’t even have it in my kitchen anymore). And it costs calories!

Acupressure is another way to cure hiccups and no props are needed. There are many different acupressure points that you can try for hiccups. Each person is individual, so you might find a certain combination works best for you.

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