My Journey

stephanieFor many years I offered life coaching services, but I got disillusioned by the field’s focus on shallow pursuits and hollow platitudes. During the craze generating by the movie and book “The Secret,” many life coaches turned towards teaching “manifesting,” which was focused mostly on money and material things.

I myself tried many coaching and New Age techniques to try to mold my life based on my dreams, only to have a lot of things blow up in my face, spectacularly.

I took a break from coaching to reassess why I was doing what I was doing, and to question my spirituality. I had been very New Age; in my late 30s I was literally “called” back to Christ during meditation, where I was told with a clear voice (inside my mind): “You need to reconcile your New Age beliefs with your childhood Christianity.”

This has not been easy, as New Agers often hate Christianity with a passion of a thousand hot white suns, and Christians are often fearful that anything that might even be remotely New Age could be “demonic.” Well, I have gone through my own discernment process, and until I feel directed by God otherwise, I personally do not feel that yoga, or qigong, or holistic healing practices in general are anti-Christian or demonic by nature.

That said, you do have to be careful. Part of the reason my life “blew up in my face” is that my New Age practices were not grounded, and I was living in a fantasy world, often downright delusional about reality. Not in a way that would put me in a mental institution, but I was in major denial about my life.

Now that I’ve studied Ayurveda, I would say that I had an extremely severe Vata imbalance going on…but there might also be some truth to the Christian perspective that I could have also had some demonic attachments as well. I was naive and had gotten involved with some people who I believe now were unwittingly channeling dark entities. This is why I no longer do “spirit guides”!

At any rate, as someone who has struggled with chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia, I have studied many different holistic methods for health and healing, including Reiki, hypnosis, pranic healing, yoga, and other esoteric healing practices. Some worked well and some not so well, but I did not find one magic bullet or “cure-all.” Rather, through trial and error I have found relief through mindful exercise, stress reduction, and contemplative spiritual practice. Traditional Chinese Medicine has been extremely helpful, and that includes acupuncture and qigong.

My hobbies include sewing, knitting, crochet, and beading. I have a music degree and play (at various levels of proficiency) saxophone, piano, guitar, ukelele, and recorder – currently my favorite as it is portable and can be played like a “zen flute.”