flower-300pxKenosis means “self-emptying love,” and Kenosis Wellness is all about cultivating “servant leaders” by helping people live their life purpose while cultivating personal resilience.

You’ll find the following here:

1) An eclectic but practical approach. I’m not a fan of mindless dogma, and I’m also not a “throw the baby out with the bathwater” type of gal. I want to use tools that work and are relatively easy to implement, and many of these tools may be scoffed at by one group or another. What’s more important is: Does it work for you?

2) No pie-in-the-sky promises. It’s this sort of stuff that makes me ashamed to be in this profession – the hard sells! Look, if someone is telling you that their money-making program is going to fix all your financial stress and make you a million dollars, please fire them and stop giving them money. If they really knew how to be filthy rich through the power of the mind they would not need your contributions.

3) Smarter spirituality. Some of the cotton candy spirituality I see in both the New Age and Christianity makes my brain melt. New Age people can get “fundamentalist” about certain magical thinking beliefs, while some Christians freak out over anything slightly “New Age.” I try to find what is true, not just fall into line because someone said so. I won’t push my beliefs on you, by the way.

Stephanie Brail, Certified Life Coach
Stephanie is a Certified Life Breakthrough Coach with additional certifications and training in coaching, life purpose coaching, yoga therapy, medical qigong, and other holistic health practices. She has a lifetime Coachville school membership and has studied yoga with many well-known traditional/secular yoga teachers, as well as with Yahweh Yoga, a Christian yoga school. Qigong training includes Long White Cloud Qigong, Zen Wellness, and Wisdom Healing QIgong.

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